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Chris Nolan Playing "Godfather" to Superman 3.0



    If Chris Nolan can save Batman from Joel Schumacher, surely he can save Superman from Bryan Singer -- Warner Bros. is counting on it.

    The studio has asked Nolan to serve as "godfather" to its latest attempt to bring the Man of Steel to the silver screen, reported Deadline Hollywood.

    “It would definitely not be a follow up to Superman Returns," a source told the website.

    More important is that Nolan has conceived an idea for "Batman 3" and his brother Jonah, who penned "The Dark Knight," is at work on the script.

    "Superman Returns" took in more than $390 million, but left most folks completely underwhelmed and almost entirely indifferent to a sequel.

    Here are a couple of the major problems that Superman faces: 1) he's too damn powerful -- how many people can scare up some kryptonite? 2) his origin story is lacking any oomph -- yeah, his parents put him in a pod and launched him into space before his home planet exploded. But it's not as though the memory of that event haunted or inspired him. And 3) he's too much of a Boy Scout. Wholesome people are boring.

    Supes joins the ranks of Spider-Man and Daredevil among heroes getting a movie makeover, a trend made more bizarre by the short wait between versions. Why can't studios let us have a few years to forget about Brandon Routh, Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck?

    Still, Nolan's touch could be just what The Last Son of Krypton needs.