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Bring on Tina Fey as Third Oscar Host



    Come on, Academy. Let us dream about this rumored combination: Tina Fey might join Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as a third host of the Oscars.

    Baldwin did little to squash the talk on the Screen Actors Guild awards red carpet this weekend. "No one told me, but if it's true, that'd be great," Baldwin told Access Hollywood from the red carpet. "I'd be elated."

    Baldwin even grabbed the reporter's microphone and interviewed a passing Tina Fey to ask her about the rumor. "I might come," Fey retorted. "But I ain't hosting."

    Baldwin then followed: "See how effectively she lies."

    In the meantime, both Fey and Baldwin suggested outrageous Tracy Morgan as a fellow host. “In the year of crazy, dysfunctional African-American dramas, we need Tracy to co-host the Oscars,” Baldwin added.

    Fey's denials aside, the fact that Baldwin can ad lib this well on the red carpet bodes well for him on Oscar night. Our anticipation for this show is growing.