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Baruchel Gets the Girl in "She's Out of My League"



    After years of carrying water for Team Apatow, Jay Baruchel is getting his shot as a leading man, as the lovable nerd who ends up dating -- wait for it -- the stone fox, in "She's Out of My League."

    A cursory watching of the trailer, which hit the tubes today, shows all the hallmarks of a man-child rom-com: an Ur-dork with a posse of verbally abusive friends, the hottie with the best friend who's also hot but nobody notices her 'cuz her hair and clothes and general mien are all black, and the ex-boyfriend who is absolutely gobsmacked at the idea that he could have a virile link to someone who's as big a mess at the Ur-dork.

    This may be the first workplace comedy to take place in an airport since 1982's "Airplane II: The Sequel." The atmosphere at airports has changed significantly since then, but the trailer is disappointingly bereft of TSA jokes.

    Baruchel, like his character in "League," has been that lovable nerd Apatow fans have been rooting for since he played protagonist Steven Karp on the short-lived "Undeclared." Here's hoping he pulls this off. Though the movie's official site, where you answer seven questions to get your own 1-to-10 rating is disappointingly dumb.

    "She's Out of My League" comes out March 12.