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At Long Last, Chris Evans Is "Captain America"



    The exhausting, overlong search for an actor to play Captain America on the big screen is finally over, with the role going to a member of the Fantastic Four.

    Chris Evans needed a couple of days to wrestle with the decision before finally getting on board tp play Captain America/Steve Rogers in the Marvel production, reported Heat Vision.

    The list of names have been floated in connection with this role are laughably long: John Krasinski, Michael Cassidy ("Smallvile"), Patrick Flueger ("The 4400" and "Brothers"), Scott Porter ("Friday Night Lights"), Wilson Bethel ("Generation Kill") and Mike Vogel ("Cloverfield") and Gossip Boy Chace Crawford, just to name a few.

    Compounding the frustration over the length and scope of the search is the fact that they appear to have chosen the wrong guy. For starters, Evans is already in the Marvel firmament as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch from the "Fantatsic Four" films. In choosing Evans, they've simply created a new casting problem, though admittedly one that isn't so important -- because, you know, this stuff is important.

    And Evans lacks a certain gravitas that a character like Captain America requires. Cap is so square he makes Superman look like the Fonz. Maybe Evans has got the chops to go earnest/serious/patriot nerd -- the folks at Marvel must have seen something in his screen test -- but he has yet to share that with the rest of the world.

    All that said, the guy is ripped and all kinds of man-pretty.

    Evans will next be seen in "The Losers," about a band of bank thieves, and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," as one of the seven ex-boyfriends Michael Cera must conquer to win his one true love. Both are comic book adaptations.