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Wyclef Jean Reveals Presidential New Album



    Wyclef Jean Reveals Presidential New Album
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    “Given the awful situation in Haiti right now, most people don’t care if the president speaks fluent Creole." Pop star Wyclef Jean briefly flirted with running for president of earthquake-ravaged Haiti, but the Haitian native dropped out of the race after being disqualified due to the fact that he currently resides in Jersey.

    Following his failed attempt to run for office in Haiti earlier this year, Wyclef Jean has announced the release of his forthcoming record If I Were President: My Haitian Experience. The digital-only EP will be available for download on December 7 and is his first release since 2009’s Toussaint St. Jean: From the Hut, To the Projects, To the Mansion.

    The singer/songwriter and ex-Fugee explained on his blog recently that the album’s lead track, “Election Time,” was inspired by Fela Kuti and Pink Floyd. It is currently available on the blog and on Youtube, and features some “Zombie”-like percussion as well as quickly fettered reggae rhymes on immigration, capitalism, and the like.

    So, in the wake of his disastrous campaign, which even Sean Penn decried, does Jean return to the public stage with broad ego or humbled pragmatism? His blog leaves little room for debate: “It's the artist once again doing what the politicians should be doing. This is about inspiring the voice of this generation."

    Pras could not be reached for comment.