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In Case You Missed It: Weekend Festival Wrap



    So what if one of the most notable festival promoters of all time says the music festival is on its way out? Three of the most celebrated summer smash-ups went down this weekend. Of course, we couldn't be everywhere at once. So neither could you! Here's what happened.

    Sure, we really, really, really pushed the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on you over the past couple weeks. But guess what? It got wild. Besides all the great sets from the likes of some great up-and-comers -- Nitty Scott MC, Stalley, Homeboy Sandman, Kendrick Lamar and so on -- the headlining Q-Tip and Friends set went something like this: Q-Tip. Black Thought. Busta Rhymes. What else do you need to to know, besides the fact you missed it? Don't sleep on this next year, please. It's obviously coming up to parallel Rock The Bells.

    The venerable Village Voice threw its annual and excellent 4Knots festival at Southstreet Seaport this weekend. Is there any festival that is more New York in spirit? The Voice is notoriously snarky -- evidenced by its own coverage of the event -- but also of great diversity and taste. And the festival was a rock 'n' roll melting pot! They brought in the blistering rock of Davila 666 from Puerto Rico, and the thundering punk of Titus Andronicus from across the Hudson. In my opinion, the Voice should curate the entire summer of River-to-River events at the Seaport.

    In other "publication with music festivals" news -- Pitchfork. By some accounts it's grown into a brand-pusher as a much as a fest. You can get basically everything you need at Pitchfork's Facebook album of the events, though they only have pictures from Friday up so far. It seems the Chicago party happened as much on Twitter as it did in the city. Summed up: it was hot and dirty and really indie-elitist. Nonstop Sound's own videographer, Oresti Tsonopoulos, was there, soaking up the Chicago sun and conducting a number of interviews with New York artists Thurston Moore, Das Racist, Woods, Cold Cave, Gang Gang Dance, Twin Shadow and probably a whatever else he could find -- keep an eye out for the video in the coming days.