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Week Ahead in New York Music: March 5 to March 11



    Monday, March 5, Bjork at Roseland Ballroom, $75

    In case you weren't paying attention and thought you still had time to figure out your ticket situation, let us point out that this is the last show of Bjork's multinight run at Roseland Ballroom. This is your last chance to see the 10-foot harp, tesla coils, Icelandic choir and whatever is it that she'll wear, and hear songs from the recent Biophilia given room to breathe onstage. So, you know, don't blow this. -Michael Tedder

    Monday,  March 5 at Bowery Ballroom and Thursday, March 8 at Maxwells, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Darcys, Lucy Rose $20

    There's only one thing cooler than Steely Dan: Steely Dan that rocks. Canada indie staples The Darcys saw the generational disconnect between Dan's Aja and this era's sudden obsession with grime and filth, and covered the smooth rock classic appropriately. The result is a battering, obsessive beast of a record that lands somewhere between Dark Side of the Moon and Phosphene Dream. The fact the band's first U.S. tour is opening for Bombay Bicycle Club on a nonstop string of sellout nationwide shows nods to the craft. Cool dads everywhere are high-fiving their kids over finding a unifying manifesto.  -Dale W. Eisinger

    Tuesday, March 6, The So So Glos, Dinowalrus, La Big Vic, Erika Spring (DJ Set) at Mercury Lounge, $10

    Brooklyn's Dinowalrus will be celebrating the release of their new album Best Behavior, which sees them nailing the Neu-wave tautness they've been playing at for a while. They'll still play loud enough to rattle your PBR can, but Behavior shows them messing around with rigid grooves and New Order-inspired melodic bliss that will slowly hypnotize your hips on to the dance floor. Dinowalrus will play with local punk heroes The So So Glos, about whom we have said many nice things previously. -MT 

    Wednesday, March 7, The Men, American Snakeskin, Nude Beach, Organs at 285 Kent Avenue, $8 

    Big week for releases, apparently. The Men will be celebrating their new album Open Your Heart at this show, and as well they should, for it is awesome. One of the best rock albums in a year that is already starting to overflow with great rock albums, Heart sees The Men temper the breakneck aggression of last year's stunner Leave Home with some SST-ready hooks (thinks Husker Du-nosaur Jr.), sunshine through murky windowpane feedback-sculpting and a gleeful spirit that pokes through all the volume. -MT

    Saturday, March 10, They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton at Terminal 5, $26.50

    Every single band that exists or will ever exist will one day break up. We all know this, but we all like to not think about it because it's a reminder about time's unrelenting march forward and our mortality and that whole bag. But still. Even though They Might Be Giants have been around forever and play the city every six months, they too will break up one day. Hopefully not soon. But really, you never know. So don't take them for granted. Appreciate the men, and go put your hand in the puppet hat, if so you have ever been so inclined. -MT