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Week Ahead In New York Music: July 23 to July 29



    Shabazz Palaces, Thee Satisfaction at Fort Greene Park, July 24, Free
    These brother and sister Seattle groups are both pushing their genres (hip-hop and r&b, respectively) into incense-stained, heady realms where kaleidoscopic impressions, stank low-end and velvet sensuality float by freely and the linear mind is encouraged to relax for a spell. This free show should be heady enough to free your mind for a spell. The deep-flowing grooves should help ensure that other things follow. -Michael Tedder

     Frank Ocean at Terminal 5, July 26, $30
    Channel Orange, the debut album by the Los Angeles R&B singer, feels like a statement for the ages. It's a master work in understatement, from Ocean's songwriting to the music itself. His word choice is impeccable, his voice pure and the songs function as a survey of soul's past, present and future, as well as positioning him along that trajectory. The last time Ocean was in New York, he made a brief appearance with his Odd Future brethren during their Hammerstein Ballroom performance. His moment occurred when he sat at a piano and performed "White," his lone solo contribution to Odd Future's The Odd Future Tape, Vol. 2. This time, the reclusive singer is giving it a solo shot at Terminal 5 that is unequivocally not to be missed. -Drew Millard

    The Killers at Webster Hall, July 27, $55
    Say what you will about the questionable turns their career has taken (the less said about the extended nonsense that was Day & Age, the better), but The Killers are going to have one doozy of a "Greatest Hits" album. The Las Vegas quartet's signature overly dramatic synth-meets-Springsteen vibes feel in their own way quintessentially American, and when he's on point, Brandon Flowers can talk-sing even the most mundane and flat-out dumb lyrics into some sweeping, capital-S Statement. These days, you can count the number of active, big-room American rock bands on one hand, so it's nice to see Brandon and the boys back in action. Their new single "Runaways" does everything that a single by these dance-rockers is supposed to do, and a new album entitled Battle Born is planned for September. You've already got "Mr. Brightside" stuck in your head, we know it. -DM

    Tom Morello at City Winery, July 28, $35
    Tom Morello wrote the guitar riff for "People Of The Sun." He knows more about politics than most actual news reporters, let alone most political musicians. And the dude's always been willing to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, as seen by his recent Occupy marches. So we take no pleasure in pointing out that the dude's solo stuff isn't even on the level of Audioslave, much less Rage Against The Machine, and seeing him play his "revolutionary" songs at a wine bar is…weird. But the between song banter will be enlightening, and his solo version of "Guerilla Radio" does not lack for intensity, and the mini-pizzas at City Winery are really excellent, so there's worse ways to spend your evening. -MT