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Wayne Coyne Gets Creative With His Own Blood (Not for the Squeamish)



    Even a novice fan of The Flaming Lips knows their innate ability to keep things weird, but lead singer and face of the band Wayne Coyne has decided to up the ante. Yesterday the band nonchalantly messaged out the below video with this simple Twitter post, “Wayne prints a poster using his own blood.”

    The message has since spread across the web to the delight of Flaming Lips fans everywhere. If you’ve ever seen a Lips show then you know Coyne likes to keep it interesting. Could this latest stunt be taking it too far? You can judge for yourself, but please note that if needles or blood make you squeamish then you may want to skip the video all together.

    The best part of the video is the casual nature of Coyne throughout the whole process including the fact that he forgot to put paper under the stencil before his first pass with the roller. It only proves that these activities are everyday occurrences for a man who enjoys climbing out onto the crowd in a giant plastic ball during their live shows. The blood inked poster was a print for their performance at last weekend’s Austin City Limits festival. No word on when the blood stained merchandise will be for sale.

    Speaking of weird, next up for The Flaming Lips is their March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons through the downtown area of their hometown Oklahoma City, OK. The 2 hour parade is sure to attract some choice participants as it promises, “Festive floats, (in)appropriately adorned cars, walking groups and plenty of surprises along with 1000 strong undead snaking through the streets.”

    And the weird get weirder.