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Watch the Beastie Boys' Short Film in Its Entirety



    A couple weeks ago the internet was overjoyed with the release of the trailer for the Beastie Boys’ short film Fight For Your Right: Revisited. Then earlier today we got equally giddy upon seeing the video for their new single “Make Some Noise” that features a number of scenes from the short film.

    Well, now it is all coming together because New York Magazine’s pop-culture blog Vulture has the short film in its entirety. Now we’d happily post the video here, but we are a family establishment and the NSFW nature of the video (mainly a fair amount of F-bombs) so if you want to see the video split up into three sections then head over to Vulture’s post.

    The film aired late last night on MTV and Comedy Central and is offered as a download in a presale package of their new album Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2 which is due out May 3.

    While it may not be the most enthralling piece of cinema you’ll see this year, it is hilarious seeing Will Ferrell and Elijah Wood in a dance off.