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MpFree Wednesday: Daniel Isaiah, “High Twilight”



    Who:Daniel Isaiah Schachter (who records under just the first two of those names) and hails from Montreal. His debut album High Twilight (out June 7 on Secret City Records) spans a veritable century of western pop genres, from Americana to French chanson to Dixieland.

    But it’s no dime-store tour: The songwriting is ambitious and the themes are epic. A "who’s who" of Canadian indie folks pops up on the album, which most notably features singing from Charlotte Loseth (who performs as Sea Oleena). Slacker’s also a filmmaker whose last two short films screened at places like the Toronto Film festival and nabbed an A&E Short Filmmaker Award. Simply put: Keep your eye on this fellow. And his high hair.

    Reminds us of: Bright Eyes and Dylan. Yeah, we said it.   

    Download this:“High Twilight” mp3