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MpFree Wednesday: 8in8, “One Tiny Thing”



    Who: Ben Folds, Damian Kulash (OK Go), Amanda Palmer, and author Neil Gaiman (Coraline) set out to write and record eight songs in eight hours (hence, 8in8) at Berklee College of Music last week, and release them 10 hours later.

    Part of Boston’s Rethink Music conference at the Berklee College of Music, the group — in the vein of Radiohead’s recent enterprises — is setting out to show how record companies are becoming superfluous to building buzz and distributing music. Read more about the recording marathon at SPIN.

    Reminds us of: Not surprisingly, a mix of Dresden Dolls (though less goth-cabaret), Ben Folds and OK Go. 

    Download this:“One Tiny Thing” mp3, with OK Go's Kulash on vocals. Or grab the whole six-track album Nighty-Night for $1 or more (but know that whatever you donate benefits Berklee City Music).