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Lou Reed Directs Susan Boyle's Music Video for "Perfect Day"



    Lou Reed Directs Susan Boyle's Music Video for "Perfect Day"
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    Lou Reed

    The great musical rivalry of our time has ground to a bloodless halt, and now we must begin rebuilding: Lou Reed and Susan Boyle have mended fences and collaborated on her new music video. The result of this treaty: a lot of vibrato and trees.

    In September, curmudgeonly Reed blocked Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle from singing his rock staple “Perfect Day” on television; she was slated to sing the track on offshoot program America’s Got Talent, backed by a massive 100-member choir, before Reed expressed his displeasure that she was covering the song. The reason, an insider told British paper The Sun, was that Reed simply “didn’t like” the operatic vocalist. Boyle canceled her appearance and was reportedly very upset by the outcome, later calling Reed “childish” on a talk show

    Soon after, Reed extended an olive branch and offered to direct Boyle’s first-ever music video… for “Perfect Day.”

    He explained to the Sunday Mail,I wanted to create a beautiful and intimate piece shot in Susan's native Scotland and she quickly agreed."

    The resulting clip, released today, either resembles b-footage from the Twilight movies or a mystical journey through the wintry Scottish moors, depending on your current level of romanticism. Boyle’s arrangement is expectedly full of poppish swells and perfectly amiable. Watch the video here on Popeater.

    “Perfect Day” is the lead single for Boyle’s second album, The Gift. A collection of holiday and Christmas tracks, it will be released tomorrow in the States.