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Liam Finn Plans Rock Shop Residency



    New Zealand-born, now New York-based Liam Finn has announced a residence at Brooklyn venue The Rock Shop that will start on Monday, Jan. 9 and continue on every Monday for the rest of the month.

    Finn tells Nonstop Sound that he has loved the concept of residencies ever since he saw a show at Largo in Los Angeles by producer/songwriter Jon Brion.

    "Now that I am based in NY, I thought there was no better way to introduce myself formally and informally to the city than to host a series of shows that could incorporate the different facets of what I do," he said. "The Rock Shop just seemed like the perfect place, perfect size and has a nice community vibe already."

    Like Brion, Finn has had a very public love affair with the sampler. During the early part of his career when he was touring behind 2007's engaging I'll Be Lighting,  Finn was a two-person show with Eliza-Jane Barnes, and would use a looping pedal to build backing tracks, one guitar part and melody at a time.
    These days he's touring with a full band, but expect the residencies to revive some of that ramshackle, making-it-up-as-we-go-along feel. 

    "At this point I have a lot of different fantasies lined up in my head of what could happen," he said. "I have friends I have invited to be a part of the shows and a lot will be left up to the day to figure exactly how things will run... but I will be playing half the show with my whole loop set up to attempt songs I haven't tried as a one man band as well as trusty favorites."

    "I also will perform some of the show with my band I have been touring with all year and would love to also involve whoever's lurking around -- openers, drunks, friends and family -- in bringing a unique show each week to a cold Monday."