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Last-Minute Plan: Kylie Minogue @ Hammerstein



    Before Gaga, there was Kylie. 

    Before Stefani Germanotta strapped pyro cones to her bosom, recreated a subway car on stage and was tempted to light her piano on fire as a show closer (until the NYPD told her she couldn’t do it), Australian pop queen Kylie Minogue’s crazy-elaborate stage design and costuming made Liberace seem demure and Spider-Man on Broadway positively minimalist. (We liked it when she descended from the rafters on a glowing gold skull the size of a VW bug.) 

    Her current outing, the Aphrodite Tour (in support of her album of the same name, her 11th), is no exception: the show sees Minogue in ancient Greece, which means lots of muscular God-like dancing boys, nymphs in togas, and a rain curtain. Because that’s how she rolls. The Tour is also netting 42-year-old Minogue some of the best reviews of her career. She may still not have the crowd pull she does in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and pretty much everywhere else on the planet, but you can’t deny her sheer showmanship or impressive career longevity -- she had her first hit in the late 1980s, and is writing a musical based on her own life set to open next year in London. 

    Tickets are still available for her Hammerstein Ballroom shows tonight through Wednesday May 2-4, though they’re not cheap: Head to Ticketmaster for the $110 privilege. Shows are at 8 p.m. A trio of DJs do opening honors on different nights: Randy Bettis, DeMarko and Tracey Young join Kylie on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.