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Jeff Mangum Goes to the Opera



    We think it's totally unfair that some people say that Jeff Mangum's fanbase consists solely of post-grads that live in New York. Also, Jeff Mangum will play his eighth, we think, show in New York on Jan. 20 at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Gilman Opera House. (To be honest, after the All Tomorrow's Parties run and the Town Hall shows and the Jersey gigs, we've kind of lost count.)

    All kidding aside, tickets go on sale here on Friday at 10 a.m., and a portion of sales will go to Children of the Blue Sky.

    The former Neutral Milk Hotel frontman and former recluse must have caught the touring bug after he reappeared at a benefit show for New Zealand musician Chris Knox in New York last year.  

    Maybe the copious open weeping (I was there. There was much copious open weeping) clued Mangum into the concept that people missed him? 

    Merge Records noted that this will be Mangum's "last New York area tour date for the foreseeable future" which might be for the best. If this tour goes on too much longer it could verge into Pixies/Rage Against the Machine territory where there's no new original material and it begins to feel like a nostalgia show, which isn't the worst thing in the world but is that really what we want?

    So if your life is poorer because you haven't as of yet had the chance to cry in public "The King Of Carrot Flowers," this could be your last chance.