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Here Comes The Warm Tribute



    If you've ever spent time with a Best Albums Ever, Ever Made magazine list or cracked open a Records Guide, you've probably seen rock critics types gas on (ahem) about Brian Eno's 1974 solo debut Here Comes The Warm Jets. And rightly so.

    Recorded after he left Roxy Music and featuring a song where Eno supposedly danced in the studio and made the band play music that accompanied his moves (Eno's a forward thinker) Jets is, put simply, kind of like what bachelor pad music would sound like if it was played by angels, but a bit weirder, and with some truly righteous guitar solos. 

    Dan Efram, NYU Professor and manager to indie acts like The Apple In Stereo, has organized a tribute to Jets that will take place at Joe's Pub on January 8. WFMU/WNYC recording engineer and composer Rob Christiansen has transcribed the album for performance, which we're going to guess wasn't easy. Good on you, Rob.

    The line-up for the Joe show is a testament to how far reaching Jet and Eno's influence is. Songwriter Joan Wasser of joanaspolicewoman, metal dude Vernon Reid of Living Color, Travis Morrison of indie smart-alecks The Dismemberment Plan, Sohrab Habibion of punk barn-burners Obits will also perform, as well as Paul Duncan of Warm Ghost and Dom Cippola of Phantom Family Halo. WNYC' John Schaefer will emcee, and tickets are available here.