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Hear a New Song from Bob Dylan



    Bob Dylan is a weird dude -- there’s no way around it. He reinvented himself over and over, he decided to become a born-again Christian for a few years (and put out the last hit single of his career in the process), and once starred in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. These are only three very spaced-out steps in the bizarre ride of his life. What’s more, weirdness seems to gravitate towards him -- The New York Times reported yesterday that rising writer Jonah Lehrer fabricated quotes from Dylan for his book "Imagination: How Creativity Works." Making up a quote from someone who has given decades' worth of interviews and written multiple books is odd, to say the least. But that’s just Bob. It’s how it happens.

    Today, Bob Dylan premiered a new song entitled “Early Roman Kings,” from his upcoming album Tempest. The song fits in the vein of his recent material, a rootsy swing that evokes the pre-rock styles of his 2006 album Modern Times. “Early Roman Kings” premiered during a trailer for the upcoming season of the Cinemax  original series "Strike Back." While this doesn’t really make any sense, neither does much else that Bob does, so somehow, this move fits in with Dylan’s consistent template of inconsistency.

    Tempest will be Dylan’s 32nd album. Watch the trailer below.