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Dustin Wong Dreams Big



    Former Ponytail guitarist-turned-psych-pop-singer/songwriter Dustin Wong will release his second solo album Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads on Feb. 21 via Thrill Jockey.

    Wong worked with a spazzy group of players in Ponytail, but he is now a solo artist in the most literal sense. On his debut Infinite Love and Dreams, he crafts songs by himself with just his guitar and effects pedals for a lulling, spacey experience. You can check out the first single  "Evening Curves Straight" here.

    "The bands I were a part of worked with music generally horizontally, making left turns, right turns and the occasional lift off from the horizon. The music was played manually by players so to make the music dynamic, we had to make sharp turns," Wong tells Nonstop Sound. "With my own music, the looping and layering is mainly about the movement going up. Each melody is then pushing that movement forward, if you can imagine a line graph with a line drawn in a 45 degree angle. To state it simply, it's like an airplane lifting off. "

    After a brief, acclaimed string of albums, Ponytail broke up in September, and Wong recently moved from Baltimore to New York. It's been a time of change for Wong recently, and that has bled through to his music.

    "The difference between my last album and the album coming up is the involvement and presentation.  There are a lot more layers than the last album and my tools are explored more in depth and the songs run a little longer as well," he says. "The presentation is different, I have a title for each song this time. With the prior, the series of songs were presented as a whole. The recording process itself was flipped around too, with Infinite Love everything was recorded track by track. Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads was mainly all recorded live, as a whole."

    Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads
    1. Ice Sheets on Feet Prints
    2. Feet Prints on Flower Dreads
    3. Abstract Horse Slow Motion
    4. Tea Tree Leaves Retreat
    5. Triangle Train Stop
    6. Toe Tore Oh
    7. On/In the Way
    8. Pink Diamond
    9. Purple Slipped Right
    10. Route Through Eyebrow
    11. Sprinkle Wet Toes
    12. Pencil Drove Hill Moon
    13. Evening Curves Straight
    14. Back Towards Night
    15. Space Tunnel Graffiti
    16. Diagonally Talking Echo