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Avril Lavigne Slams Record Label in Open Letter to Fans



    Ahahahahahaha. I'm on the floor laughing. Seriously, my sides are splitting open and there is a slight chance I might puke.

    Wait, please don’t be mad. Did you really think we care about Avril Lavigne? Well, let me just make it clear that we certainly don’t. Avril can do whatever she wants and we’ll never care. She is going to remain extremely popular no matter what happens and I even get a mild kick out of her bashing a major label. Keep it punk rock Avril! Sorry though, it’s just not the type of music that gets us up in the morning. Yes, we’re on our high horse. People tell us that every day. You should join us. The view is excellent and the soundtrack is amazing.

    Just so you don’t feel completely cheated for opening this link, here is clip of a baby named Embry - aka the currently the cutest kid in America – rocking out to Florence & the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” off of her stunning debut album Lungs, (Universal Republic). This kid already has twice the cache I'll ever have.

    If you just so happen to be an Avril Lavigne fan, the headline wasn't a lie. Check out the letter here.