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A Hurricane Irene Playlist



    As the tension surrounding the arrival of Hurricane Irene mounts, people up and down the eastern seaboard are preparing survival kits, boarding up their houses and planning evacuation routes.

    As of this morning the storm plans to burden the New York City area come early Sunday morning.

    For those of you stuck in the city this weekend, we highly advise you to rush to the store to pick up all the Bloody Mary and pancake mix you can carry and settle into a long day catching up on the Jersey Shore.

    Below is a playlist of Irene busting proportions. These 10 songs should help you through the homemade brunch and help ease you into an afternoon spent hiding from the rain.

    Who’ll Stop the Rain?” - Creedence Clearwater Revival: A natural fit for the upcoming dumping we are about to receive. This song is an open plea to Mother Nature in the hopes she will take it easy on us.

    Katrina” - Black Lips: This is just a reminder to all the New Yorkers bemoaning our current forecast; we’ll never have it as bad as the city of New Orleans did in 2005.

    Riders on the Storm” - The Doors: As you can imagine there is going to be a lot weather related tracks on this playlist and it wouldn’t be complete without this psychedelic jam.

    Let’s Get It On” - Marvin Gaye: If you are lucky enough to be shut in with a loved one throughout the course of the storm, there is no reason you shouldn’t work on making a little Irene of your own.

    Entrance Song (Rain Dance Version)” - The Black Angels: If you get bored during Irene, blast this song, make a headdress and dance around your living room giving yourself credit for the weather event.

    Blizzard of ‘96” - The Walkmen: At the end of the day there is one thing about this rain that can make us all happy – it is not snow.

    Summertime” - Sam Cooke: Though all may seem bleak, don’t forget that next week should be a breeze and it leads into the final blowout weekend of the summer which is followed by a short work week.

    The Rain” - Missy Elliot: By Sunday evening you’ll be taking this chorus as gospel and even if you can’t stand this track, you can certainly kill some time watching Missy’s entertaining video.

    Hurricane” - Bob Dylan: Yes, I know this song is originally about Denzel Washington and not a weather event, but we are taking the liberty to alter the meaning of this great poet’s song to fit our current situation.

    Singing in the Rain” - Gene Kelly: There is no reason to let the rain get you down. Take a page from this classic, get on the street and dance around like a kid hitting every puddle in your path.

    So there you have it: 10 songs to help you get through Hurricane Irene. There were some glaring omissions, but that is what the comments section is for.

    Sign in and let us know what you would add to this foul weather playlist.