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!!! Plays Kent and Maxwells!



    Over-caffeinated Brooklyn funk army !!! spent most of the year making festival crowds dance whether they want to or not, but now they have announced two homecoming shows, one on Dec. 11 at 285 Kent Ave and one at Hoboken venue Maxwell's on Dec. 12.

    New material has been promised, and you can never go wrong with "Heart of Hearts" and "Me and Giuliani Down By the School Yard."

    The Kent show will be a benefit for Wallpaper.Org, a Brooklyn-based non-profit group that prints a free bi-weekly publication that promotes all of the tri-states all-ages and DIY shows.

    The venue 285 Kent is quite smaller than the huge outdoor stages these guys have been rocking lately, which means that frontman/indie aerobics instructor  Nic Offer will most likely sweat on you. And hey, they're not far from the water at Kent, maybe it'll be another one of those special nights when they throw a piano in the river.