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William Sofield Embraces a New Minimalism



    William Sofield, the man who flawlessly merges chic and eccentric in interior design, is no stranger to the fashion industry. Case in point: the recent Sofield Studio Party.

    "It's all a part of the same club, everyone is inspired by the same things. And we do so much work with fashion, we've worked with Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, of course, Gucci and Yves St Laurent," said Sofield in his office space-turned-lounge on the opening night of Fashion Week.

    Sofield, whose guests included a wide variety of arts, fashion and furniture elites including Tinsley Mortimer and the Marcel Duchamp-inspired Joel Fitzpatrick, was catapulted into the fashion world after his initial redesign for Gucci boutiques worldwide.

    His work, a sleek nature vs. nuture inspired line for Baker, is in many ways a reflection of what he sees on the runway.

    "Honestly, I love looking at everything [during Fashion Week] because you never know what you might take away and be applied in a different way. I look at a lot of fashion more for the craft ... and to see wonderful old friends," he said.

    "I get to just kick off fashion week in perhaps a less pressured way than those who have to show things on the runway this season."

    Surrounded by 300 monarch butterflies, an albino python, a squawking macaw and head-to-toe "in 12 generations of Tom Ford," Sofield joked, "I've embraced a new minimalism as you can see."