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"Twilight" Werewolf Chaske Spencer: Guys Will Like “Eclipse”



    The hysteria-inducing “Twilight” film series has all the trappings of an epic chick flick with an abundance of bare-chested werewolves and a romance between two longing young lovers anchoring the phenomenon. But Chaske Spencer, who plays werewolf leader Sam Uley in the film, insisted last night that fellas would find some appeal in the upcoming "Eclipse" flick too.

    “It’s darker and there’s a lot more action -- the werewolves and vampires team up,” Spencer told Niteside at the Steve Madden Music and Iyaz bash Tuesday evening.

    Spencer said the more guy-friendly “Eclipse” may make the third “Twilight” film the most successful installment of the series.

    “‘New Moon’ had one of the biggest opening days in history," he said. "I think ‘Eclipse’ is going to probably surpass that, and I think a lot of guys can go see it. There’s a lot more action,” he said.

    Despite the legions of the Twihards swarming the globe, Spencer lives in relative anonymity in NYC and is more into the downtown music scene. The actor, who has lived in the city for 12 years, plays the drums and hangs out with indie bands like 5 O’Clock Heroes (which has collaborated with model Agyness Deyn) and Unisex Salon.

    “I’m in New York and nobody knows who I am. If they do they don’t bother me. I still go to the same places, I hang out with the same crowd,” said Spencer, who still frequents haunts on the Lower East Side. “You’ll find me stumbling around here somewhere.”