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Stylist Robert Verdi: Look for Big Moments on Oscar Night



    When it comes to the Academy Awards, fans typically look forward to two things: seeing who takes home Oscar gold and checking out red carpet fashion. Celebrity stylist and TV personality  Robert Verdi, who has worked with A-listers like Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard, predicts stars will dazzle with dramatic looks at Sunday’s awards.

    “I think that we’re going to see a lot of couture details. In the wake of a fallen economy and with a tragedy like what happened in Haiti in our face ... actresses don’t want to look self-important,” Verdi told NiteSide at Village Voice columnist Michael Musto’s 25th anniversary bash at 230 Fifth Avenue Tuesday night. 

    “But they still need that red carpet moment to help them get more scripts ... get beauty campaigns ... magazine covers. They’re coming out fewer times but when they do come out -- and they will come out for the Oscars -- it has to be big. You’re going to see some incredibly fabulous dresses.”

    As far as who will actually take home a statue, Verdi predicts Best Supporting Actress frontrunner Mo’Nique will walk away victorious. But he’s also rooting for her "Precious" co-star and underdog in the Best Actress category, Gabourey Sidibe.

    “My fingers are crossed for a newcomer like Gabby because it’s like all of our dreams are invested in her moment,” said Verdi about the former psychology student turned Oscar-nominated star.  “She’s all of us and she somehow, in this crazy world, found her way to a glorious moment which is, without an award, still a glorious moment. I would like to see her win but I don’t know how realistic it is with the competition like Meryl Streep.  My fingers are crossed for her, she’s a Cinderella story.”