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Nightlife Guru Gamal Hennessy: Smoking Ban Hurts Club Scene



    Nightlife guru Gamal Hennessy, the self-proclaimed defender of all things late-night, ripped into Mayor Bloomberg last night at the launch party for his new book and claimed the pol's policies have resulted in clubs' revenues going up in smoke.

    "The answer to that isn't to ban smoking and close clubs," Hennessy said last night during his book launch party. "There are actual air purifiers that can clear 1200-square feet of air and make a place basically smoke-free.

    "You can have 60 percent of the room smoking and no one would be going outside to make noise, the club owner wouldn't have to deal with either [noise or smoking] violations, and everybody would be happy."

    He added, "I think Bloomberg wants to send the messsage: 'No, you can't.'"

    Hennessy celebrated the release of his new book on the political and economic realities facing the city's after-dark playground entitled "Seize the Night" at Happy Ending in Soho. 

    "The people who work in the nightlife circuit, or just people who go out a lot, can revitalize and enhance the entire industry and its something to be protected," he said.

    Hennessy, a classically trained DJ, has done everything from bar backed and checked coats to, most notably, founding New York Nights in 2005.