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Moby Confesses: I'm Most Proud of Working on This Film



    Moby -- whose music has been featured in the Bourne trilogy and other box office blockbusters -- said he is most proud of the work he did on his most recent film project "Waste Land."
    "I've done music for a lot of different movies in my life," he told Niteside Monday night at Soho House during the React to Film series screening of longtime pal Lucy Walker's latest documentary "Waste Land."
    "Of all the movies I've worked on, this is the one I'm most proud of."

    The dump doc chronicles a Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based artist as he travels to the world's biggest landfill in Brazil and meets those who scour the heaps of trash seeking recyclables.

    "It was just so emotional and, not to sound all creepy and new age-y, but it was heart-opening," Moby said.

    "I [didn't] know how my music [was] being used," he continued. "I didn't know what music was being used. It was like being an amnesiac composer."

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    He said he agreed to work on the film "without a moment's hesitation."

    "Everything Lucy [Walker] does is remarkable. The music reinforced the picture so well and was so prominent."