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TFLN Creators: No Place Like New York for Late-Night Texting



    The creators of TextsFromLastNight. com revealed at a booze-addled release party for the duo's new book that there is no place like New York when it comes to drunk texting.

    "The best thing about drunk texting in New York is you get to do it until 4 a.m.," TFLN co-founder Ben Bator said Friday night.

    Lauren Leto and Ben Bator, co-creators of the popular site, celebrated the January release of their blog-turned-book “Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending” on Friday night with pals and fellow drunk dialers at Chloe on the Lower East Side.

    The site, which curates anonymous texts from the night before, draws nearly four million page views and 15,000 text uploads a day, according to Leto.

    And the packed party where patrons sipped premium vodka and whiskey well into the night at the small underground bar set the stage for an onslaught of late-night submissions.

    “I’m normally swinging for the fences when I text at two in the morning,” said partygoer John Robinson, an admitted occasional late-night texter. 


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