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Elle's Robbie Myers on "Ugly Betty": "We Love the Show"



    Over the last decade, Robbie Myers has been behind a fashion glossy that women turn to for advice on the hottest shade of lipstick and where to find that kitten heel at a fraction of the cost.

    Myers, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, attended the "Ugly Betty" farewell party over the weekend at Downtown's luxurious Capitale. The hit ABC show, which poked fun at the very world Myers is a part of, is set to air it's series finale on April 14.

    "Of course I watched it," the fashion maven assured us. "There was like a fictional rivalry between Mode and Elle, so we love the show. ... And it's sad because, as a comedy, it really broke some ground and meant something to people."

    When it comes to the real life stress of fashion industry and the extreme pressure at the tents, Robbie knows how to make every moment count between the runway and the after party.

    "I've been doing this a long time. But I've got to say the BlackBerry can get a lot of work done while you're waiting [for a show to start] so you feel like you can at least be productive in all the downtime," she went on.

    "It's a pleasure, really. And for all the people that complain about it, it's like, we have great jobs and it's not deadly, we're not fighting a war. I think we should appreciate how good our lives are."

    And how can one complain when you're sitting front and center at the best shows Fashion Week has to offer?

    "I always look forward to Derek Lam, Marc [Jacobs] obviously. I love going to Michael Kors. ... Oh and, love Calvin Klein."