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Cool Hunting Honchos Co-Host Thrillist Loft Party



    Teaming up with Yahoo, Comedy Central and those arbiters of everything cool, Cool Hunting, perpetual party-starters Thrillist threw a bash in honor of Internet Week that may well go down as the week's best.

    "Thrillist has gotten really good at throwing events, so they were like, 'Don't worry yourself, invite some people, we'll take care of all the details,'" said Cool Hunting editor in chief and the evening's co-host Josh Rubin.

    Those details -- permeating a lofted space on 27th Street (who says club alley is dead?) -- included: Dos Equis girls dolling out beers; a DJ churning out a steady flow of chugging, four-to-the-floor beats; an art gallery; and a performance by London-based video mash-up artist Eclectic Method.

    Needless to say, the space was packed to the gills. Upstairs, bold VIPs braved the inclement weather on the 5th-floor terrace, which was made comfy thanks to a tent, a smorgasbord of tasty grub, and -- just to keep things classy -- a jazz band. Still, for as all-encompassing as the party felt, Manhattan's a place where a week-long conference celebrating Internet innovation can go slightly unnoticed.

    "Its a fun week, but you know it's different when you live where the event is. When we were at South by Southwest Interactive [this Winter], we were running around to all these different events, but that's because the conference takes over Austin," Rubin remarked. "Internet week is present in New York, but there's no way it can take over Manhattan."

    True, few events can hold this city's attention for long, but Thrillist and co. provided the perfect venue to wait out last night's storm.

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