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Amanda Seyfried on Her Steamy Scenes With Julianne Moore: "Intimacy Is Hard"



    Amanda Seyfried said she struggled with the steamy scene she shares with Julianne Moore in the upcoming film "Chloe" but was found the role a rewarding one.

    "Any scene with intimacy is hard, it always will be, but everything was worth it. It was done very well," said Seyfried, the young star known best for more wholesome roles in films such as "Mamma Mia!" and "Dear John."

    Seyfried, 24, and 49-year-old Moore celebrated the release of their new film "Chloe" at the Thompson Hotel Monday night where the starlet dished on her new role following the premiere of the film.

    "It's just a completely different character," Seyfried said. "It's like a complex and amazing woman that I had to understand fully because I didn't know her at all. .... I got to know someone I've never known before, and 'Chloe' is someone I've never known."

    She added, "That's the difference between me playing myself and me playing an actual character and I was able to prove that to myself kind of, maybe, sort of."

    The small-town actress from Allentown, Penn., confessed she wasn't one to stay out at all hours of the night in New York City.

    "I don't go out ever really so I don't know any clubs here. I know there's a place called Tenjune that everybody's always talking about -- I guess I've been there once. As for restaurants I love Waverly Inn, I know that answer is very generic but it's a nice atmosphere. I like that warm basement sort of feel. But honestly, Grey Dog Cafe is maybe my favorite place in Manhattan, on Carmine Street, it just makes me feel like I'm back where I came from in a way."

    Chloe opens nationwide on March 26.