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Grilled Food: Lean at Home; Fatty in Restaurants



    In the season perfect for the grill, why would you head to a restaurant where they actually add fat to your meat rather than barbecue up some lean meat at home? 

    That's right: "When you drop a piece of meat on your grill at home, the end product actually has fewer calories than the meat you begin with," according to Men's Health. "That's because much of the fat bubbles out and drips down to the coals below. A study in the journal 'Meat Science' found that grilling a pork chop by conventional methods could decrease its fat content by nearly a third."

    But restaurants actually add more fat in the kitchen -- in many cases, their grills are actually grill plates, or hot slabs of flat metal that collect and seal in fat instead of cooking it out. And lots of places add hot oil and butter, adding more unnecessary fat to your dinner.

    Stick to your grill, and you could end up trimming from 500 to more than 1,500 calories per meal. It's as easy as making a few swaps, all laid out by Men's Health. Editor David Zinczenko appeared on the Today Show this morning to show just how you can swap out. For all the tasty, brainless options and corresponding recipes, check out the Today Show page.

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    COOK THIS, NOT THAT! (From Men's Health)

    Not That!
    On the Border Dos XX Tacos ($9.79); 2,150 calories, 144 g fat
    Cook This Instead:
    Grilled Fish Tacos ($2.79 per serving); 380 calories, 11 g fat

    Not That!
    Ruby Tuesday Rib Eye ($16.99); 822 calories, 63 g fat
    Cook This Instead:
    Coffee-Rubbed Steak ($2.41 per serving); 270 calories, 15 g fat

    Not That!
    Outback Steakhouse Alice Springs Chicken ($13.99); 1,328 calories, 92 g fat
    Cook This Instead:
    Chicken Under a Brick ($2.40 per serving); 280 calories, 8 g fat

    Not That!
    Chili's Southern Smokehouse Burger with Ancho Chile BBQ ($9.39); 1,910 calories, 126 g fat
    Cook This Instead:
    Green Chili Cheeseburger ($2.62 per serving); 320 calories, 11 g fat