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New Jersey Man Receives Endless Georgia Lottery Calls After Phone Listing Mishap

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"Is this the Georgia Lottery?"

That's the question Seymour Berger said he kept getting on his home's phone line in New Jersey over and over again.

"They call me 3, 4, 5 o'clock in the morning," Berger told News 4 New York's Better Get Baquero.

For nearly two months, Berger said his phone has been ringing at all hours from callers asking for the Georgia Lottery.

Seymour had no luck winning a solution to his problem, and began losing his patience.

"It's like a circle," he said.

Turns out the problem stemmed from the phone number listed in a Google search for Georgia Lottery Mega Millions in Grovetown, Georgia. That number starts with an area code in New Jersey -- not in Georgia!

So Berger asked Better Get Baquero to stop the onslaught of calls. The first step was to contact the Georgia Lottery, who told us they didn't set up the listing. They said they'd reach out to Google and ask to edit the entry to let them know the phone number isn't associated with them.

Better Get Baquero followed up with Google who said consumers can suggest an edit, by clicking on the three lines in the top corner of the screen, where it says "edit the map". Google says it gets 20 million suggested edits a day, which they then verify.

Berger said he feels like he’s struck the lottery -- finally getting some peace and quiet now that the calls asking for the Georgia Lottery have stopped!

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