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Better Get Baquero: How Online Seller Got His Money Back After Dispute With Buyer

When you buy merchandise online, it's good to know you have buyer protection -- and the same goes for those who sell items online. 

That's what happened when an online marketplace transaction went wrong for Peter Jiardina, who's retired and spends time online selling used goods from his home in Succasunna, New Jersey. 

Over the last 20 years, Jiardina estimates he's sold about $20,000 worth of goods. 

"You know, I get busy cleaning out the basement, and every so often, I'll find an item that I think people might be interested in, so I'll put it up on eBay or Craigslist," he says. 

He recently sold a camera for $87, with conditions he's learned from experience: "The one thing is the no returns accepted, document everything, and make sure you have tracking numbers," he says. 

Despite those conditions he outlined, the buyer of the camera later requested a refund through PayPal, claiming the camera was defective. 

"He's saying that the manual says that in order for the flash to close, you gotta push it down and it clicks," said Jiardina. "And in reality, what you have to do with it is you push it down, you hold it down, and you push a little button to the right." 

PayPal ruled in the buyer's favor and returned the money. And Jiardina got his camera back in the mail -- but when he got the package and opened it, it was missing all the accessories Jiardina had sold the customer. 

Luckily, Jiardina had proof of what he'd sent: "I took pictures of what I shipped him versus what I received," he said.

This time, Jiardina reached out to PayPal to trying get back the $87 sale. And he reached out to Better Get Baquero, too.

The BGB consumer investigative team contacted PayPal on Jiardina's behalf, and soon after, Jiardina got his money back.

"I was happy that I got the $87.65, and I don't think it would have happened if it wasn't for your folks and your team, so I really appreciate it and thank you for that," he said. 

PayPal tells News 4's BGB that it "strives to ensure that customers have a seamless and positive experience." 

While their initial review of this situation was consistent with PayPal policy, it said the company worked to "rectify the situation for the customer." 

What are some seller protections? 

PayPal covers two types of problems: when buyers claim a transaction was unauthorized, and complain that an item wasn't received. PayPal protects the seller's account while it investigates the complaint, and there's no charge for that. 

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