Paul Verhoeven Fest Kicks Off Tonight

Raise your popcorn to the king of the guilty pleasure at a seven-week IFC fest

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    Base Instincts: Verhoeven in the U.S.A. starts tonight.

    Without Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, the pop culture landscape would be a different place, indeed: There’d be no Sharon Stone crotch shot (and probably no Sharon Stone, when you think about it), no “Robocop”, No “Total Recall”, and Elizabeth Berkeley would still be “the girl from ‘Saved by the Bell’” as opposed to “the actress who somehow survived ‘Showgirls’.”

    So we tip our hat to the IFC for tipping their hat to the pulpy auteur-provocateur and king of the guilty pleasure with a seven-week-long program. Base Instincts: Verhoeven in the U.S.A. kicks off today and runs through February 20, offering “a chance to rediscover Verhoeven’s American cinema on the big screen, in all its guilty pleasures,” showing all seven of his made-in-U.S.A. works: “Showgirls”, “Flesh+Blood”, “Hollow Man”, “Total Recall”, “Basic Instinct”, “Starship Troopers” and, tonight and tomorrow night at 12AM, the cyborg-justice classic “Robocop” – because midnight is when the Verhoeven oeuvre goes down best.

    Base Instincts: Verhoeven in the U.S.A.
    Friday, January 8 - Saturday, February 20, schedule varies
    323 Sixth Avenue; 212-924-7771
    Screenings are $12.50
    More information and tickets here