6/16: The National @ Radio City, Stephen Colbert on James Joyce… | NBC New York

6/16: The National @ Radio City, Stephen Colbert on James Joyce…

…and “The Whiz: Obamaland” reboots the yellow brick road



    Radio City Music Hall
    The National play Radio City tonight with the Antlers.

    CRITICAL MASS: Which of The National’s sold-out shows will you be attending—the one in ProspectPark that’s part of Celebrate Brooklyn! on July 27, or tonight’s fandango at Radio City Music Hall? We recommend the latter for acoustics alone, all the better to sway to the Brooklyn-based band’s darkly punk melodies. The Antlers open. 8PM.

    DUBLINERS: Stephen Colbert, writer Colum McCann and others pay tribute to everyone’s favorite staggeringly talented Irish nutjob writer, James Joyce, with Bloomsday on Broadway XXIX at Symphony Space, where it’s been an annual tradition since 1981. As is custom, there’ll be readings from “Ulysses” (those drinking scenes? au-to-bi-o-gra-phi-cal) and (hopefully!) heated discussions of questions such as: If Joyce were alive today, would he Twitter? 7PM.

    EASE ON DOWN: It’s been a while since there was a really good politico-musical mashup, so in case you missed its quick hit at Joe’s Pub earlier this year, sink your teeth into “The Whiz: Obamaland,” an all-dancing extravaganza choreographed by Nicholas Leichter with a postmodern extravaganza of song byMonstah Black, who taps in everyone from Quincy Jones to Missy Elliott on his soundtrack, paying tribute to The Wiz/ard of Oz for the Obama generation. First of four nights at the AbronsArtsCenter starts at 8PM.   

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