Google Latitude: Cheaters Panic

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    Google has finally released the latest in their mapping arsenal: Latitude, a free service that allows you to map the location of your friends around town. Latitude is opt-in and can be shut off at any time, but when the tracking device is on, it can zero in on your exact local within 500 meters -- sometimes as close as 10. Latitude is configured for 27 countries, on BlackBerries, Nokia Smartphones, and T-Mobile G1 phones, with versions coming soon for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

    While this technology sounds cool, really, it’s opening the door to a dark, dark space. Do you want your boyfriend/girlfriend knowing where you are at all times? What happens if you refuse to turn on your tracking device? I’ll tell you what happens: a fight. There is however, a loophole. It seems you can overwrite your own location, effectively lying about your location, which also sounds like a dubious ethical road. If you want to throw caution to the wind, download here. Or if you’d rather just look and not touch, check out the video here.

    Google Latitude Lets Users Track Friends

    [NEWSC] Google Latitude Lets Users Track Friends
    Google Latitude is a new app that lets you track people.