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Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Updated 2:56 PM EDT, Tue, Nov 17, 2009

Event planner Kathy Riva shared some of the simple (no-mess) crafts you can do with your kids this Thanksgiving.


Turkey Tablecloth
1. Craft paper table runner or cloth
2. Finger paint to create hands for turkeys
3. Glue feathers on for fun
TIP: stick to one or two colors that match grown-up decor.
Felt Placemats
1. Pre-cut felt In Thanksgiving shapes (fall leaves, turkeys)  or create your own design.
TIP: use construction paper and real photographs of guests and laminate for use year after year
Fall Centerpiece
1. Head to a local park, or backyard and collect several leaves/pine cones.
2. Press leaves overnight in a book or magazine
3. Place a styrofoam wedge in an old planters pot
4. Stick leaf stems into wedge
Pinecone Place Cards
1. Gather pine cones from a backyard or Park
2. Glitter pine cones with glitter and glue
TIP: Add a personalized card for every child’s name
Candy Apple Station
1. Slice several apples
2. Provide a caramel dipping sauce
TIP: Add A Buffet Of Choices For Dunking Such As Candy,  Sprinkles, Coconuts, M&M’s Or Whipped Cream

Cornucopia Basket 
1. Take A Cornucopia Basket (Or Any Basket), And Fill With Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
TIP: Add An Orange Pumpkin Left Over From Halloween For Color

Votive Holders

1. Cover Votive Holders With Burlap & Raffia
TIP: Fill With Battery Powered Votives For An Added Touch 

First Published: Nov 17, 2009 2:47 PM EDT
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