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Chorizo Tacos

Updated 7:22 PM EDT, Wed, May 5, 2010

from Cascabel Taqueria


Group A

2 anchos chiliis, seeded & destemed

2 pasillas chilis, seeded & destemed

1 chili de arbol, seeded & destemed

½ dry chipotle, seeded & destemed

½ teaspoon coriander seed

½ inch mexican cinnamon stick

2 pieces clove

1 teaspoon mexican oregano

1 teaspoon whole black peppercorn

¼ teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg

2 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon paprika

2 teaspoons smoked paprika

1 teaspoon kosher salt


Group B

1 pound of freshly ground all natural pork belly

4 cloves of garlic

1/3 cup cider vinegar


to finish (set aside)

¼ cup freshly chopped white onion

¼ cup freshly chopped cilantro

12 pieces 5” or 6” corn tortillas

3 limes quartered

procedure: toast all dry spices in a dry skillet from group a until they become fragrant and aromatic. Once cool. Using a spice grinder, grind all toasted spices finely.

Butcher pork belly into pieces to pass through your meat grinder. Pass the pork belly together with garlic through the meat grinder. Next, mix together all ingredients from group a & b with cider vinegar and let them meld together in the refrigerator overnight.

To cook: when guests arrive, using a griddle, grill both sides of fresh corn tortillas until they are slightly charded & pliable and set aside.

Using a griddle or frying pan start with a table spoon of canola or vegetabe oil, cook chorizo, seasoning with additional kosher salt to taste.

To serve - take 2 warm tortillas and spoon in the freshly made chorizo; sprinkle with freshly chopped white onion and chopped cilantro.  Serve with your favorite homemade salsa or hot sauce.

First Published: May 5, 2010 4:00 PM EDT

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