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Oh, Plax! Giants' Burress Can't Stay Out of Trouble

Damaged car lands Burress in Pa. court



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    Wide receiver Plaxico Burress has been spending more time in courtrooms lately than he has on the football field.

    Plaxico Burress is in court ... again.

    Civil trial begins Wednesday for a Pennsylvania car dealer who is suing New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, alleging breach of contract.
    The car dealer he lent the 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche worth more than $36,000 in exchange for Burress agreeing to sign autographs at promotional events. But he says in court papers that Burress never
     showed up to sign autographs and didn't return the car.
    He also says the car was seized by New York City police after Burress let someone else use it.
    New York police say they impounded the car in August 2005 in connection with a shooting in the Bronx. Arrests were made, but the records were sealed and police gave no other details.
    Burress' lawyer acknowledges that his client is responsible for some damages, but says the jury will have to decide how much.