NYC Bus, Subway Delays Getting Worse: MTA - NBC New York

NYC Bus, Subway Delays Getting Worse: MTA

Delays on New York City buses and subway trains are getting worse, according to the MTA: in 2012, there were about 28,000 delays per month -- but last year, there were 70,000 delays. That's an increase of 150 percent from four years ago. 

Acting MTA chairman Freddie Ferrer says relief is on the way later this year, in the form of R-179s. New subway cars started rolling in a few months ago, as seen in this clip taken by rail fans Michael Kam and Max Diamond, and have been tested in recent weeks. They'll replace the old ones that break down on the A, C and J lines. The MTA says it also needs to overhaul the signal system, and some of that is scheduled to happen in the next five years. 

As for buses, the MTA acknowledges frequent gridlock has led to a dip in bus ridership. It's pledging multi-door entry and a MetroCard replacement to speed service. 

Andrew Siff reports.