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The Supreme Court reinstated parts of President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban and announced it will hear arguments on the case in October.

<![CDATA[8 Arrested in Major NJ Welfare Fraud Bust]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:17:54 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/7_Arrested_in_Major_NJ_Welfare_Fraud_Bust.jpg

Sources say the federal criminal complaint against them is expected to be unsealed Monday.

<![CDATA[Chopper 4 Over New Jersey Cliff Fall]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:13:34 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Chopper_4_Over_New_Jersey_Cliff_Fall.jpg

Emergency servicea were responding Monday after a man fell off a cliff in a New Jersey park. The man later died.

<![CDATA[Gayle Rankin Talks "Glow"]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:12:41 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/210*120/thumbnail_GAYLERANKIN_NYLIVE.jpg

Gayle Rankin stops by Studio 3K to talk about Netflix's buzzy new series "Glow," training like a wrestler and returning to the stage in "Hamlet" at The Public Theater.

Photo Credit: New York Live]]>
<![CDATA[Catching Up with Aidy Bryant]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 12:24:32 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016790159_1200x675_976226883718.jpg no description]]> <![CDATA[Martin Shkreli Arrives at Court]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:30:27 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016789966_1200x675_976193603951.jpg Martin Shkreli arrives at court on Monday.]]> <![CDATA[Chopper 4 Over Cliff Rescue]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:03:26 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016789505_1200x675_976178755675.jpg Chopper 4 is over the scene of a rescue after a mountain biker reportedly fell down a cliff.]]> <![CDATA[Produce Pete]]> Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:17:14 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/160*120/produce+pete+204x153.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Bill's Books]]> Mon, 21 Oct 2013 11:47:27 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/bills+books.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Better Get Baquero]]> Thu, 24 Apr 2014 18:25:09 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/BGB_Watch_Moduleweb.jpg

Need help on a consumer issue? Reach out to Lynda Baquero and her team by calling the Consumer Affairs Tipline at 1-866-NEWS-244 and pressing 2 for consumer. You can also e-mail bettergetbaquero@nbcnewyork.com.

<![CDATA[Chopper 4 Over Cliff -Fall Response]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 12:41:13 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016789505_1200x675_976172611565.jpg

Chopper 4 was over the scene after a person fell down a cliff in a New Jersey park Monday.

<![CDATA[Man in Rips Keys From USPS Worker's Neck: Police]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 08:38:46 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/usps_thief_1200x675_976101955766.jpg

Surveillance video shows the suspect walking down in the street.

<![CDATA[Martin Shkreli's Fraud Trial to Begin Monday]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 06:37:16 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Martin_Shkrelis_Fraud_Trial_to_Begin_Monday.jpg

Ex-pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli's fraud trial is set to begin Monday. Lori Bordonaro reports.

<![CDATA[Chopper 4 Captures Fire Engulfing New Jersey Home]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 07:00:10 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/CHOPPER+4+NJ+FIRE+web+-+00003228_WNBC_000000016786238.jpg

Chopper 4 was first over the scene of a fire engulfing a home in Clifton.

<![CDATA[Passerby Finds Teenage Girl Half-Naked in Queens: Police]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 05:23:57 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC+TINY+CLEAN+AIRCHECK+0500-0600+-+05023709_WNBC_000000016784.jpg

A 16-year-old girl was found half-naked and unconscious on a street in Queens, police say. Katherine Creag reports.

<![CDATA[4 Shot, 2 Killed in 3 Shootings in Newark: Authorities]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 05:21:38 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016784366_1200x675_976030787845.jpg

Four people were shot and two of them died after three different shootings in New Jersey, officials say.

<![CDATA[T. Rex Kayaks on Flooded Michigan Street]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 03:48:15 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016783676_1200x675_975998531819.jpg

Hilarious video shows somebody in a T. Rex costume kayaking on a flooded street in Michigan. (Credit: Katrina Spry)

<![CDATA[Bear and Cub Take Dip to Cool Off]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 10:02:06 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2017-06-23-10h45m26s94.jpg

A mama bear and her cub took a dip in a cool spring in Chico, California, to get some relief from the triple digit temperatures. The owner of the property, Marc Miller, set up the camera in hopes of spotting a mountain lion after seeing some big cat tracks nearby. Instead, video captured the bear family cooling off.

Photo Credit: Marc Miller]]>
<![CDATA[Teen Found Half-Naked in Queens: Police]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 00:46:22 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/SIEGAL+TEEN+GIRL+FOUND+RAW++-+00085903_WNBC_000000016782806.jpg

A 16-year-old girl was found on the ground in Queens half-naked, police say. Ida Siegal reports.

<![CDATA[Wrangler Bitten Trying to Relocate 10-Foot Gator]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 00:17:40 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2017-06-23-16h16m03s46.jpg

A 10-foot alligator has a new home after coming too close to some calves in East Texas and biting a wrangler who helped remove the reptile. It all started when Hal Conover of Hawkins, Texas noticed that an alligator had broken into a pen where he was weaning calves. Conover called alligator hunter Byron South and his son for help in capturing the animal. Video posted to YouTube Monday shows South and Conover lassoing and anchoring the gator on the ground. At one point, the alligator bit one of the wrangler's fingers but there was reportedly no lasting damage. Eventually, the men got the animal into the back of a livestock trailer. He was transported and relocated to the Gator Farm in Grand Saline.

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[Twelve Firefighters Hurt Battling Blaze: FDNY]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 00:01:13 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016782317_1200x675_975947843544.jpg

At least 12 firefighters were injured battling a blaze Sunday in the West Village, the FDNY says.

<![CDATA[Bicyclist Hurt After Being Hit by a Car Evading Police: Cops]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 23:32:46 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Bicyclist_Hurt_After_Being_Hit_by_a_Car_Evading_Police.jpg

A car evading police hit and seriously hurt a man riding his bike in Midtown, officials say. Wale Aliyu reports.

<![CDATA[Man Beaten Unconscious at Subway Station: Police]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 23:30:34 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016782228_1200x675_975938627656.jpg

A 65-year-old man was beaten unconscious on a subway platform, police say.

<![CDATA[Celebrating Pride at NYC March]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:22:52 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Celebrating_Pride_at_NYC_March.jpg

More marchers than ever at the 2017 Pride parade in New York City. Ken Buffa reports.

<![CDATA[Man Falls in Wood Chipper Accident]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 16:12:26 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016779109_1200x675_975800899511.jpg A man suffered a partial leg amputation after a wood chipper accident in West Babylon.]]> <![CDATA[NYC's Pride Parade: Feathers, Balloons and Lots of Rainbows]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 14:39:04 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/pride-cc11-crop.jpg

Throngs of people turned out for the 2017 Pride parade in lower Manhattan.

<![CDATA[7 People Shot in Harlem: NYPD]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 11:07:57 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/7_People_Shot_in_Harlem__NYPD.jpg

Police say seven people were shot at a gathering in Harlem.

<![CDATA[Billy Joel Speaks at High School Graduation]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 10:51:04 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Billy_Joel_Speaks_at_High_School_Graduation.jpg

Billy Joel speaks at the high school graduation of his alma matter in Hicksville.

<![CDATA[Fire at Queens Grocery Store Hurts 12: FDNY]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 01:20:14 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Fire_in_Queens_Grocery_Store_Hurst_12__FDNY.jpg

A fire that broke out at a grocery store in Glendale, Queens, injured 12 people, including 11 firefighters, officials said. Rana Novini reports.

<![CDATA[NYC Pride March to Take Over Manhattan]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 10:17:40 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/NYC_Pride_March_to_Take_Over_Manhattan.jpg

Huge crowds are are expected to take over Manhattan for the Pride march.

<![CDATA[Caught on Camera: Teen's Dramatic Fall from Six Flags Ride]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 13:41:32 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/girl-fall-six-flags.jpg

A teenager fell from the "Sky Ride" at a Six Flags park in upstate New York. Authorities said she didn't suffer any serious injuries. 

Photo Credit: Loren Lent]]>
<![CDATA[John Holl: Local Coffees]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 08:51:31 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016778161_1200x675_975642179605.jpg John Holl joined Gus Rosendale to give his take on some of the best homemade coffee.]]> <![CDATA[Francesco's Fix: Summer Vibes]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 08:21:30 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016778062_1200x675_975631939878.jpg Francesco Bilotto joins us with some great summer ideas to decorate the inside of your home.]]> <![CDATA[Positively Black: Marc Clarke]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 07:27:28 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016777882_1200x675_975622723779.jpg Radio Personality Marc Clarke from Radio 103.9 WNBM sat down with Tracie Strahan to discuss black music month and what type of music he enjoys listening to.]]> <![CDATA[Groovin' in the Park: Freddie McGregor]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 07:21:27 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016777860_1200x675_975620675890.jpg Reggae artist Freddie McGregor sat down with Pat Battle to talk about what it will be like playing in North America’s largest Reggae, Rhythm and Blues Festival.]]> <![CDATA[Positively Black: Marc Clarke]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 07:21:28 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016777882_1200x675_975621699845.jpg Radio Personality Marc Clarke from Radio 103.9 WNBM sat down with Tracie Strahan to discuss black music month and what type of music he enjoys listening to.]]> <![CDATA[Queens Fire Burns Grocery Store]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 22:46:45 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016775916_1200x675_975511107767.jpg

A fire broke out in Glendale, Queens, engulfing a building that contains a grocery store.

<![CDATA[Suffolk Teen Rescued by Officer Invites him to Graduation]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 19:59:16 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Suffolk_Teen_Rescued_by_Officer_Invites_him_to_Graduation.jpg

Sarah Thalhammer, who almost drowned years ago, invited the officer who saved her to her high school graduation.

<![CDATA[Surveillance Video of Suspects in Deadly Double Shooting]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 19:21:55 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016775348_1200x675_975450179806.jpg

Police released video of possible suspects involved in Friday's deadly double shooting in East New York.

<![CDATA[Video of Damaging Weather in New Jersey]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 17:29:08 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/WNBC_000000016774889_1200x675_975418435517.jpg

Video depicting a strong storm in Howell. A possible tornado passed through parts of New Jersey Saturday, damaging stores.

<![CDATA[Jaws of Life Used to Rescue People After Crash]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 11:56:57 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Jaws_of_Life_Used_to_Rescue_People_After_Crash.jpg

Firefighters used the jaws of life to rescue three people from a car after it crashed in Franklin Square.

<![CDATA[Clear the Shelters: Benefits of Fostering]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 11:37:57 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Clear_the_Shelters__Benefits_of_Fostering.jpg

David Glicksman from Animal Care Centers of New York talks to Gus Rosendale about the benefits of fostering animals.

<![CDATA[Produce Pete: Fresh Figs]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 10:00:23 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Produce_Pete__Fresh_Figs.jpg

Produce Pete explains how to pick and enjoy the season's fresh figs.

<![CDATA[Memorial Run Held for Slain Jogger Karina Vetrano]]> Sat, 24 Jun 2017 09:43:48 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Memorial_Run_Held_for_Slain_Jogger.jpg

A community came out in the rain to run and raise money in honor of Karina Vetrano, who was killed while jogging last summer. Rana Novini reports.

<![CDATA[Burglar on Bike Hits Neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn]]> Fri, 23 Jun 2017 23:46:40 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/burglary+suspect+ridgewood+queens1.jpg

A knife-wielding burglar riding a bike has targeted locked homes in Queens and Brooklyn, including one burglary in which he threatened a man with a knife. Checkey Beckford reports.

<![CDATA[Extra Security at State Fair Meadowlands After Shooting]]> Fri, 23 Jun 2017 23:44:01 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Extra_Security_at_State_Fair_Meadowlands_After_Shooting.jpg

There was extra security outside a popular fair at MetLife Stadium on Friday night after shots rang out the day before. Wale Aliyu reports.

<![CDATA[New Yorkers Remember Legendary Newsman Gabe Pressman]]> Fri, 23 Jun 2017 23:31:53 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/New_Yorkers_Remember_Legendary_Newsman_Gabe_Pressman.jpg

Colleagues of legendary journalist Gabe Pressman remembered him on Friday. Michael George reports.

<![CDATA[Outrage After Death of 2 Teens in Chase, Bike Crash]]> Fri, 23 Jun 2017 23:05:42 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/deadly+dirt+bike+arrest.jpg

A Long Island man was in court after police say he chased two teens he believed had stolen his brother's dirt bike, leading to a deadly crash. Greg Cergol reports.

<![CDATA[Men in Custody After Shots Fired at Fair]]> Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:38:57 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Men_in_Custody_After_Shots_Fired_at_Fair.jpg

Shots were fired during opening night at Meadowlands state fair. Marc Santia reports.

<![CDATA[Police Warn of Airbag Thefts in Queens]]> Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:37:20 -0400 http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/213*120/Police_Warn_of_Airbag_Thefts_in_Queens.jpg

Thieves are targeting mostly Hondas and Nissans on the streets. Lori Bordonaro reports.