Wife Tried to Decapitate Husband With Power Saw: Police

Bloody Sawzall recovered

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    A Washington woman is accused of trying to cut her husband's head off with a power saw.

    A Washington woman tried to saw her husband's head off with a power saw, according to police.

    "You tried to cut my head off," police said they heard the victim shout when they arrived at the Everett, Wash., home. "You're going to jail."

    The 43-year-old woman appeared in court Monday on a charge of domestic violence assault and a judge kept her bail at $250,000, according to the Daily Herald, which did not identify her.

    The woman told police she grabbed the sawzall Friday night after seeing an intruder flee through her daughter's window.

    But Sgt. Robert Goetz said the window only opened a few inches, because of a child-proof lock. "There was no evidence there was an intruder," he told the newspaper.

    The home's front and back doors were also locked, police said.

    The 36-year-old man, who was also struck with a hatchet, was treated at a hospital.

    Police found blood on the woman's clothes and body as well as on the carpet and walls inside the house. A bloody sawzall and a freshly-washed hatchet were also recovered, police said in court documents.