Pancake Syrup Douses Roadway at Buttermilk Pike

“Every lane of southbound I-75 was covered in pancake syrup,” a police officer said

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    A truck full of pancake syrup had a dangerous collision with Buttermilk, er, Pike.

    Gallons of syrup were accidentally poured near Buttermilk Pancake — er, Pike.

    The road, that is.

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    What should have been a delicious pairing instead made for a dangerous stretch of Interstate 75 in northern Kentucky when a semi trailer slammed into the Buttermilk Pike overpass and spilled a full load of Log Cabin pancake syrup, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

    The semi had swerved late Thursday to miss a car that had had a tire blow-out. It veered onto the median and hit the overpass, tearing the trailer in half and spilling the sticky stuff all over the southbound lanes.

    “Every lane of southbound I-75 was covered in pancake syrup,” police officer Mark Spanyer said. “It was a royal pain in the butt.”

    Environmental Protection Agency officials and state crews cleaned up the mess. No charges were filed, and the truck driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, according to the Enquirer.