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Inept Robbery Mistaken for Joke

Man allegedly robbed the restaurant where he worked just minutes after clocking out.



    A restaurant worker faces robbery charges after allegedly robbing his own restaurant.

    Not even his coworkers thought he was that stupid.

    Police say an Alabama man robbed the restaurant where he worked right after he clocked out, to his coworkers' disbelief — then returned three days later to visit with coworkers just as detectives were questioning them about the crime, The Birmingham News reported.

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    Zackary Dexter Pace was charged with first-degree robbery over the alleged botched robbery of the Pinson, Ala., Jack's restaurant where he worked.

    "The employees recognized him immediately by his eyes and the poor attempt he made at trying to disguising his voice and the way he was dressed. In fact, at first they told him to stop joking before they realized he was serious," Chief Deputy Randy Christian said in an email to The Huffington Post.

    An unknown amount of money was stolen.