Lawsuit: Dentist Dropped a Screwdriver Down My Throat

"Eat a diet high in fiber," the dentist allegedly advised the plaintiff after the mishap

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    A woman claims her dentist dropped a screwdriver down her throat and discharged her with instructions to "eat a diet high in fiber." She later underwent surgery to have the screwdriver removed, she said.

    A Kentucky woman is suing a dentist, accusing him of dropping a small screwdriver down her throat that migrated to her digestive tract and later required surgery to remove.

    The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Fayette Circuit Court in Lexington by 71-year-old Lena David of Nicholasville. David claims Dr. W.B. Galbreath told her to try to regurgitate the screwdriver and then sent her for X-rays when that did not work.

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    Galbreath did not return a message left at his office Friday by The Associated Press.

    The lawsuit says that the X-rays showed the screwdriver in David's stomach, and that the dentist discharged her with instructions to "eat a diet high in fiber."

    In June 2011, about a month after swallowing the screwdriver, David checked into a hospital with abdominal pain and had to have the screwdriver removed.