Girl Suspended for Taping Chaos in Classroom

Paper throwing, pot smoking common in wild classroom, girl says

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    Arielle Moore says her classmates constantly threw paper, flipped lights and smoked in the classroom, making it an impossible learning environment.

    Strobe lights and smoke in the air are common in a night club, but in a classroom?

    A freshman at Clayton Valley High School in Concord, California says that's just what she had to endure in algebra as her classmates went wild.

    Girl Suspended for Videotaping Unruly Math Class

    [BAY] Girl Suspended for Videotaping Unruly Math Class
    An East Bay high school student says her classmates in math throw paper, smoke marijuana and cause constant disruptions in class but when she used her cell to record the hysteria, she was suspended. (Published Wednesday, June 24, 2009)

    "People smoking marijuana in the classroom. They smoke cigarettes." Arielle said. "There was one kid who peed in a bottle and threw it across the room."

    Arielle Moore used her cell phone to capture 30 seconds of the bizarre behavior she witnessed in her class so she could show her parents how hard it was to learn in the environment.

    When school officials saw the chaotic snippet, they suspended a few students -- including Arielle. They say she wasn't allowed to videotape the classroom.

    They eventually cleared Arielle's suspension.