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Florida Couple Answers Door, Finds Gator on Porch



    (Published Thursday, July 31, 2014)

    A South Florida couple who heard a knocking on their door got the surprise of a lifetime when they found a 9-foot gator on their front porch.

    "It was nuts, I couldn't believe it," Coral Springs resident Luann Alonso said. "I thought it was not real, I couldn't believe it."

    Luann and husband George said they thought a raccoon was making racket outside the front of their home in the 12400 block of Southwest 1st Street until they realized it was something slightly bigger.

    "I looked out the window, I couldn't see anything, as soon as I turned the light on, I saw that big gator right there right in front of the door, his body was against the door so we couldn't get out," George Alonso said.

    "I was petrified," Luann Alonso said.

    The couple, whose house backs up to a canal, called 911 and a trapper came and took the feisty gator away.

    "I've lived in this house over 18 years and I've never ever, I've seen them on the bank in the back but never seen them in the front yard, definitely not against my front windows," Luann Alonso said.

    Courtesy Fontenelle Forest Rehabilitation Center

    "We usually walk the dog around 2, 3, 4 in the morning, and I couldn't imagine going out and seeing that thing while we're walking the dog," George Alonso said. "It's kind of dangerous I guess."