The Jets Win By the Numbers

The Jets

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    Shonn Greene runs the ball against the Giants during their preseason game Monday night.

    The final score rarely matters in a preseason game. Sure, it's nice bragging rights, and obviously everyone wants the coveted Snoopy Trophy, but what other numbers should Jets fans look at beyond the final score?

    16 penalties -- To call the game tense would be an understatement. Yellow flags were everywhere as the dislike between New York's two teams on display. It even broke down into a fight and Muhammad Wilkerson and the Giants' Brandon Jacobs getting ejected.

    2 key plays by special teams -- Special teams coach Mike Westhoff has plenty to be happy about, as the special teams unit showed that they're ready for the season. Antonio Cromartie set up a touchdown with a 70-yard kickoff return and Jarron Gilbert blocked a field goal.

    224 yards gained by the Giants in the first half: Want tangible proof that the Jets have work to do on defense? Look at the first half deficit in yards gained. The Jets gained a 73 to the Giants 224.

    2 interceptions for 0 points -- The Jets defense set up the offense for success in the first half, picking off Eli Manning twice. It turned out to be not enough, as they resulted in a three-and-out and a fumble.

    24th of December
    -- When the two teams will get to settle the score for real.