Could the NJ Nets Become the Brooklyn New Yorkers? Fuggedaboutit!

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    The New Jersey Nets are a team that has been going through a lot of changes. A new owner in Mikhail Prokorov, new players in Sasha Vujacic, and a possible new home in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards. Could a new name come along with that?

    According to Nets Daily, two lawyers based out of Philadelphia filed a trademark for the name “Brooklyn New Yorkers”, along with possible logos, jersey designs, even a less-than-inspiring slogan, “We Come to Play." The URL has also registered in recent months.

    The trademark protections came right around the time that the team told the NBA it would be changing its name, and due to an agreement made during the location change, the Nets’ new name must include either “Brooklyn” or “New York” in it.

    This is all still speculation, and there is no concrete reason to believe that this was done by the Nets. However, let’s hope it wasn’t, as the name “The Brooklyn New Yorkers” doesn’t seem to be the most inspiring. There are many alternative possibilities, so let’s hope that, if this is actually done by the Nets, they've decided to change their minds and go with one of those alternatives.